Seltek News

Cadaver Workshop Program / Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty 15.09.2018

Training Meeting with Dr. Philippe Kestemont / St.Regis – Otel 05.10.2018

Filling and Mesotheraphy combinations in Holistic Facial Practice in Training Meeting 10.09.2018

Filling Techniques and mesotheraphy treatments protocols.

TED Dubai 17 - 19 March

Dermatopathologhy 8 - 11 March

Teosyal Redensity II, Kiss and Ultimate Presentation (Dr Wayne Carey)

RHA Launch

Dynamic Filler, Under Eye Light Filler and Deep Fillers Workshop

Teosyal Dynamic Filler Launch

Teoxane Expert Day

Teosyal Dynamic Filler & Cadaver Workshop

Teoxane Expert Day


I. MESTER “Face and Body Engineering” Congress

6th Dermalogical Surgery Days

5th International Teoxane Expert Day

Whole Face Approach with Dynamic Filler and Light Filler

Workshop with Presentations of Prof.Dr.Cemil Dalay and Dr.Melda Bolat Bilsel

Workshop in Doç.Dr.A.Hakan Erbil's Clinic

TED Turkey Teoxane Expert Day

EPCD 2018 – 22nd Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association National Congress

Filler Injection Tecniques and Mesotherapy Treatments Protocols

Filler and Mesotherapy Combinations on Whole Face Applications

27th International Dermatology Congress

Whole Face Approach with Dynamic Filler and Light Filler

Filler Application Techniques with Dr. Tolunay Zeybekler

Teoxane Academy Middle East

Filler and Mesotheraphy Combinations Education

Summer Ready Cleavage

Filler Applications Workshop

Filler Applications Education

Filler Tecniques Workshop - İzmir

Filler Tecniques Workshop - Kıbrıs

BAU Cadaver Course

Dr. Orhan Alan and Selçuk İnanlı Workshop