Professional Development Etudes by Seltek (SİMGE)

As SELTEK, a company bringing the global brands and revolutionary novelties in fields of dermocosmetics, medicines, and dermal fillers together with the specialists practicing in medical aesthetics, we founded the Professional Development Etudes by Seltek (SİMGE) under the umbrella of Aesthetic Solutions in 2013. We aim to bring a dynamic and differentiated perspective to this sector.

     In pursuit of the developing technology as well as the novelties worldwide and within the sector, Professional Development Etudes by Seltek (SİMGE) organizes special workshop programs and training seminars involving professionally recognized physician trainers from within the country and from abroad. In 2013, the first of Professional Development Etudes by Seltek started with the “Basic Photography Training in Aesthetic Practices” which focused on before-after images that establish the most significant reference points demonstrated by physicians to their patients.

     We organized the “New Approaches to Management of Clinics” in order to increase service quality and efficiency. We held a study named “Side Effect Management and Resolving Complications in Hyaluronic Acid Administration”. We have always raised the bar to bring new breath into the aesthetics sector and develop it with different projects through our innovative approaches. At our meeting named “Teosyal Dynamic Filler & Cadaver Workshop” in 2015, we conducted a study with fillers on living tissues as well as subcutaneous anatomical structure and to observe the behavior of fillers in certain areas of cadaver.

     As a company selling aesthetic application products, we take the rightful pride of having offered a cadaver course to our physicians with the support of a university. Our first training session was conducted with the participation of Op. Dr. Patrick Trevidic and Dr. Hassan Galadari as well as the Istanbul University Anatomy Department.

     The second training session held by SIMGE “Professional Development Etudes by Seltek”, which is an academic program aiming to bring a dynamic and different perspective to the sector, with the topic “Basics of Face Anatomy and Filler Administration Study on Cadaver” comprising of two separate theoretical and practical parts, was conducted at the Anatomy Hall of Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty led by Prof. Dr. Patrick Trevidic.

     In 2017, we held the “TED1 Turkey ‘Teoxane Expert Day”, where information on the latest aesthetic trends and filler techniques were shared, with the participation of 650 local and foreign aesthetic and medical doctors for the first time in Turkey. We brought the renowned French physician Dr. Philippe Kestemont with Turkish peers in order to provide a training on “Anatomy and Complications of Lower 1/3 part of the Face”. Our meeting with the topic “Up-to-date Practices in Mesotherapy and Facial Rejuvenation” was conducted with the narration of Dr. Herve Padey.

     We came together with prominent figures of Turkish aesthetic community in our first program named “Management of Clinics and Strategic Principles”, which was held within the scope of SİMGE Professional Development Meetings. The following topics were tackled “Management of Clinics and Strategic Principles”: Holistic Brain Model; Dominant Brain in Interpersonal Communication; Management of Mental Differences; Cashflow Budget; Business Management with Sustainable Profitability Approach; Resources, Terms, and Payments in Cashflow Budget; Cashflow Planning; Business Law and Business Contracts; Liabilities and Legal Processes in Employer-Employee Relations; Communication as per Cognitive Forms; Compatibility and Confidence in Communications; Kinesiology and Controlling Stress.

Taking into account our physicians precious time, we programme our training seminars by topic and content. All our trainings are provided free-of-charge.
Within the period from 2004 to 2019, we have organized Workshop Programs amounting up to 1,450 hours with a total attendance of 24.000 physicians.

Prominent physicians we hosted in Turkey for trainings and meetings:
• Prof.Dr. Pierre Anthony Bacchi
• Dr. Patrick Trevidic
• Dr. Hassan Galadari
• Dr. Wayne Carey
• Dr. Nabila Azib
• Dr. Herve Padey
• Dr. Wolfgang Redka-Swoboda
• Dr. Stefan Lipp
• Dr. Jules Marthan
• Dr. Philippe Kestemont